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Kasih Rakyat was founded in year 2014 with the mission to “Protect” and to “Insured” the uninsured Malaysian with a basic insurance plan, and not to deny the right of insurance due to cost.

According to the statistics published by the regulator, approximately 60% of the lower income individual in Malaysia are uninsured, and no insurer in the market was prepared to support this segment due to their own respective business prospect and focus.

Thus, more Malaysians fell into the “uninsured individual” segment, and this had making it a dreadful situation where in the event of catastrophe, the families will be devastated and will have to rely on relatives, government handouts or worse yet illegal moneylenders.

Therefore, Kasih Rakyat had took the initiative to become the “Pioneer” in Malaysia to offer a basic insurance plan which offer a “relief “and “protection” for the family.

Kasih Rakyat also committed to involve and to participate any public or social community services which align with our vision in “To create a self-sufficient community, who can be continuously insured every year with enough passive income from within the community”.

Kasih Rakyat Launching

The launching of Kasih Rakyat micro insurance during the Hari Pelaut 2016.

No one can surely predict the future but we can protect it


Accidents are unexpected and can happen at any time.
You need KASIH RAKYAT Personal Accident Takaful plan that provides you worldwide cover.
It is essential cover for everyone at a cost everyone can afford.

  • Amount English Bahasa Malaysia 中文
  • RM 20000 For death due to an accident such as motor vehicle accident and etc Bagi kematian akibat kemalangan seperti kemalangan kenderaan dan dll 因交通意外而導致死亡或其它意外死亡等
  • RM 30000 Maximum coverage for permanent disablement or physical loss resulted from an accident (subject to Scale of Indemnity) Perlindungan maksima bagi keilatan kekal atau kehilangan fizikal akibat kemalangan (tertakluk kepada Skala Pampasan) 因交通意而外導致終身殘疾
  • RM 10000 Additional accident death benefit while travelling as a fare-paying passenger in a public conveyance Manfaat kematian kemalangan tambahan semasa dalam perjalanan sebagai penumpang yang membayar tambang dalam pengangkutan awam 乘塔公共交通時發生意外而導致死亡
  • RM 1000 Funeral expense due to all causes (payable in addition to the death benefit) This benefit for death due to illness or natural death is payable only if such death occurs after six (6) months of the coverage effective date Perbelanjaan pengebumian akibat semua sebab (dibayar sebagai tambahan kepada manfaat kematian)
    Manfaat ini bagi kematian disebabkan penyakit atau kematian biasa hanya dibayar jika kematian tersebut berlaku selepas enam (6) bulan dari tarikh berkuatkuasa perlindungan
    葬禮費 (從保單受保日期開始計算起六個月後自然死亡或因其它疾病而死亡方有效)
  • RM 30 Limit per day (up to a maximum of 30 days per accident for hospital cash benefit when hospitalised due to an accident) Had setiap hari (sehingga maksima 30 hari untuk setiap kemalangan bagi manfaat tunai hospital ketika kemasukan hospital akibat kemalangan) 因交通意外而入院 (最高補償金為30天)
  • RM 200 Limit per accident (reimbursement of actual charges incurred for ambulance fee) Had bagi setiap kemalangan (bayaran balik caj sebenar untuk fi ambulans) 因交通意外而呼叫救護車補貼 (依據單據為準)
  • RM 500 Limit per accident (for purchasing prosthesis which shall include wheelchair / crutches / artificial arm or leg) Had bagi setiap kemalangan (untuk pembelian prostesis yang termasuk kerusi roda / topang / tangan atau kaki palsu) 因交通意外而導致需要購買輪椅/拐杖或義支器材等
  • RM 150 Limit per accident (for replacement of loss documents due to snatch theft) Had bagi setiap kemalangan (untuk penggantian kehilangan dokumen akibat diragut) 因被搶劫需要重新复辦身份證等文件補貼
  • RM 250 Limit per accident (for loss due to extortion while withdrawing money at ATM) Had bagi setiap kemalangan (untuk kerugian disebabkan ugutan ketika mengeluarkan wang tunai di ATM) 在銀行出納機前提款時被勒索

Events & Campaigns

Campaign Merdeka 62

Terma & Syarat Peraduan

1. “Peraduan 62 Hari Ke Hari Mederka Ke-62” ini buka kepada semua pemegang ahli “Program Kasih Rakyat Komuniti” yang mempunyai polisi yang AKTIF sahaja.

2. Tempoh peraduan berlangsung selama 69 hari bermula dari 24-06-2019 sehingga 31-08-2019.

3. Ahli yang baru sahaja berdaftar ke “Program Kasih Rakyat Komuniti” dalam tempoh peraduan juga layak menyertai peraduan ini.

4. Setiap 3 ahli BARU yang anda mendaftar ke “Program Kasih Rakyat Komuniti”, anda akan terus dapat 1 peluang penyertaan peraduan tambahan secara automatik.

Contohnya, sekira anda berjaya mendaftar 7 ahli baru dalam tempoh peraduan ini, anda akan dapat 2 peluang penyertaan tambahan. Termasuk “Share Post & Tag”, anda mempunyai 3 peluang cabutan untuk memenangi satu unit Xiaomi Redmi Go.

5. BONUS 1 kredit PERCUMA juga akan diberi kepada mana-mana ahli yang berjaya mendaftar 10 ahli dalam tempoh peraduan ini.

6. Nama-nama pemenang peraduan akan diumum pada 30-09-2019 di Facebook Kasih Rakyat (https://facebook.com/kasihrakyatkomuniti)

7. Ahli-ahli yang menyertai Program Kasih Rakyat Komuniti dan kemudian tidak mempunyai polisi yang aktif semasa bulan cabutan, ahli tersebut akan kehilanggan kelayakan penyertaan peraduan.

8. Pihak pengajur “Peraduan 62 Hari Ke Hari Mederka Ke-62” berhak mengubahsuai terma-terma dan syarat-syarat peraduan

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Not satisfied, no worries

If the Person Covered is not satisfied with the response or the decision of the Company’s complaint handling unit, the Person Covered may submit the complaint at the following addresses within six (6) months from the Company’s decision:

Ombudsman for Financial Services

Level 25, Main Block,
Menara Takaful Malaysia,
No. 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2272 2811
Fax: +603-2274 5752

BNM Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK)

Ground Floor, Blok D, Bank Negara Malaysia,
Jalan Dato’ Onn, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-88-5465 (LINK)
Fax: +603-2174 1515
Email: bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my

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